Welcome everyone to the AFDO website about the proposed Australian Premises Standards. We have developed this website because, after many years of discussion the Federal Government has now drafted new legislation and standards about how buildings should become accessible to people with disabilities. Whilst the closing date for submissions is over, we urge everyone to acquaint themselves with the issues and contact their local member of Parliament if you have concerns.

AFDO represents the views of its members and many people with disabilities. We have a direct interest in these proposed standards as our members have many different disabilities ranging from physical disabilities, vision impairment and blindness, hearing impairments and deafness and many other disabilities which need to be taken into account when designing buildings.

This website offers the perspectives and opinions of a number of organisations in the disability sector. They have been written by people from different organisations. We hope that you and your organisation will take these on board and assist us to get what we need.

On this website you will fihd:

  • The Terms of Reference of the Inquiry into the draft Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards
  • The links to the draft standards and explanatory documents
  • A Brief Guide to Understanding and Commenting on the Draft DDA Access to Premises Standard
  • A link to a detailed paper to be used as a basis for Submissions to the Federal Parliament’s Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee

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